Why use social media as a marketing channel

Social media is certainly here to stay. It’s become an integrated part of many marketing strategies for companies big and small. 


For any small business owner, visibility is extremely important. Social media is the biggest growing platform for recommending products and services online and you should be a part of the discussion. 

Increase website and foot traffic

Search engines strive to humanize search as much as possible. So it’s no surprise that an active social media presence not only increases your visibility with potential customers but also with the search engines and the rankings they give your site. Social media continues to be a large factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Customer loyalty

Repeat business is extremely valuable for small business but with today’s consumer it’s harder and harder to keep their attention. Social media is an outlet that allows you to keep your existing customers engaged and happy. 

Choose the best social channels for your business

Don’t fret, you do not need to be a master in all social channels to be successful.  You know your target customer best, so hopefully you know which social sites they are using most. If not, just ask which social platforms they prefer.