03.03 Privacy settings

In EU countries and many other places, legislation demands that website owners must notify their visitors if they use cookies on the site. Furthermore, visitors should be given the option to opt-in or opt out.

Opt-out means that a tracking cookie will NOT be set if the user actively clicks on a specific ”do-not-track-me-link”. By Clicking anywhere else, the user accepts the cookies used on the page.

Opt-in means that a tracking cookie will ONLY be set IF the user actively clicks on ACCEPT COOKIES.

The cookie notification can be displayed either in a 'top bar' or in an 'overlay' - or even in a combination of both.

For both overlay and top bar display of the cookie notification the procedure is the same:

1) Enable the feature by checking the enable-box

2) Add the notification text you want the visitor to see (plus a headline if you are using the overlay)

3) Choose either opt-in or opt out by checking the box below the text field.

4) Add the link-text. This is the link that the visitor should click on to either opt-in or -out.

5) If you are using the overlay-feature to display your privacy policy you can enable a static link (to the privacy policy) in your top navigation. This is done by checking the box 'Enable link to the overlay in the global navigation menu' and then adding the 'Global navigation link text' below.

6) Press save.

Note: As default the platform uses cookies for tracking purposes only (to measure traffic and actions on the site).