04.05 Global data

With global data, you only need to enter the information once. The information will then be automatically filled in all the relevant modules on your site.

There are two ways to enter the global data:

1) Go to the 'global data' tab under 'account settings' and enter information in the appropriate fields.
2) Enter the global data directly via a module. This is done when the module is in "global" mode (when the globe icon is blue).

Note that whenever you enter something in the module field when it is linked to global data (when the globe icon is blue), it will overwrite the data in the global data page.

Some modules are by default set to sync with the data you have entered in your global data settings. But you can also call upon your global data elsewhere on your site by typing the global data 'tag'.

On your global data page, you have entered "Charlotte's Hair Salon" in the field with the tag .

Write in a body text box on your site:

Hello, welcome to [company_name]

This will look like this on the page:

Hello, welcome to Charlotte's Hair Salon

Working with global data

A smart way to manage content in a module is to link the module to your global data bank. This way, changing a piece of data - for example a phone number or address line - may be done in ONE, central place. The change will automatically be applied to all linked modules on your site.

In other words, when linking to global data, you don´t have to open multiple modules to apply the same change. Just edit the value for each tag (phone number, street name etc.) in the global data page under: My account/Global data.

As stated above, linking to global data from any field in a module, may be done in two ways:

1) Where ever a blue info-icon and a link to global data appears above an input field. Click the link and choose from the drop down menu which tag should be linked to the module-field.

2) You can link any field in a module to your global data bank by entering the appropriate global data tags instead of free text. When you change the value of the tag on your global data page, the change will automatically apply to all modules with the tags written in them. Below is an example of how to enter global data tags instead of free text in the address-field of the contact module:


Full list of global data tags

The global data tag that should be inserted in module fields is the one between the brackets. Insert the tag including the bracket, like this:


Contact information tags:

Company name - [company_name]
Street - [street]
Zip - [zip]
City - [city]
State - [state]
Country - [country]
Longitude - [long]
Latitude - [lat]
Phone - [phone]
Fax - [fax]
Email - [email]
Organisation number - [org_number]

Company description tags:

Short description - [description_short]
Long description - [description_long]
Company start date - [start_date]
Company mission - [mission]
Opening hours - [openingshours]

Business keyword tags:

Tagline 1 - [tagline_1]
Tagline 2 - [tagline_2]
Tagline 3 - [tagline_3]
Tagline 4 - [tagline_4]
Service 1 - [service_1]
Service 2 - [service_2]
Service 3 - [service_3]
Service 4 - [service_4]
Product 1 - [product_1]
Product 2 - [product_2]
Product 3 - [product_3]
Product 4 - [product_4]

Custom field tags:

Custom field 1 - [custom_text_1]
Custom field 2 - [custom_text_2]
Custom field 3 - [custom_text_3]