04.07 Form data


It is possible to collect and store all content inputted by your website visitiors from the following modules:

  • Contact form module
  • Form builder module
  • Comments module

A time stamp for data submission is also collected, plus an email address, if given by the user. 

An overview of the main content of each submitted form is available from a new menu called “Form data” under the “My account” tab in the mono editor. 

The full content from all form submissions on a single form (or comments module) can be easily downloaded as a CSV file. 


1. From the contact form module, form builder module and comments module click “advanced settings”. 

2. Here you will find an option to have the data that the end user has submitted, saved to a database. 

3. Insert a form name in order for data to be saved (required)


Publish your form(s), and when data has been submitted: 

4. Go to "My account" and click the new menu "Form data"

5. From the drop down selector, choose the form that you interested in seeing submitted data from

6. Click "Show data" to get an overview of the primary information submitted

7. For the full dataset click "Download CSV-file"

8. Click "Delete form data" to delete data from the form currently selected from the drop down 


Forms with duplicate form names

Having several forms with the exact same form name will save the submitted data as if it was only one form. For example, if you have a contact form and a comments module with duplicate form name "Christmas", you will be able to extract all data submitted from these forms from the "Forms data" menu under "Account" settings. In the drop down menu you can select the form "Christmas", which will then contain data from both the contact form and the comments module. 


Recommendations and notes

  • We recommend using unique form names for a better and more precise data overview
  • We recommend creating new forms instead of editing existing forms in order to have clean and usable data
  • Form names are case sensitive
  • Privacy note: It's good practice to avoid using forms for gathering confidential data
  • If you are using Microsoft Excel to import your CSV-file you may experience encoding problems. This is a known issues with Excel for which several workarounds are suggested, e.g. see here