02.06 E-commerce modules

There are several shop modules that you can use building your webshop. The modules are found in the module list in a separate tab ‘E-commerce’. The product modules can be placed on any pages. Products are created in a database where you can include title, images and a lot of settings for your product. Creating the products in a database allows you to include the same product on many pages by choosing the product in a dropdown menu in the product module. The database also gives you the best overview of all your products and enables you to browse all products available in your shop.


You can add an individual product to any page you wish across your website. This module is most helpful when you want to customize an indivudal product page. 

Product name

This is the product describtion

80.00 EUR

The Product Catalog module allows you to create a list of products based on tags (defined in the Shop database). When a user clicks on an individual product the module leads them to the individual product page which features the single product module.


80.00 EUR

The Product Catalog with Button module functions almost the same as the regular catalog function with the difference being that an add to cart button is added as well. This way users don't have to click into the individual product page to buy the product. This is best used when there are no variants for a product.

The Add to Cart Button module gives you the potential to design a product page as you like, without using the typical E-Commerce modules. You define the product it should refer to in the shop database within the module settings.

80.00 EUR