01.08 Changing design skin

All available design skins are found in the horizontal list in the 'designs area'. A skin defines the look and feel of the entire site (color theme and fonts) and may be changed at any time:

1) Find design skin in the 'designs area'

2) Click on the desired design skin-icon to choose the skin

3) The site-wide changes to look and feel are applied


Once a design skin has been applied to a site it can easily be changed again or modified with CSS (See 'General site settings' section).

You may choose between a large varity of different skin designs for your website. Changing the design skin will affect the entire site and give a completely new look and feel with just a click of one button. The content and modules will remain the same - only the font and the color scheme will change on the pages.

To change the design skin click on the 'Design'-tab and flip through the lists of available designs. There may be more than one category of skin types depending on the configuration. You can change between the designs as many times as you want. The design changes immediately within the editor, but the design changes will not get through to the front end until you publish the site.