01.05 Basic page settings

Clicking the gear-icon next to a page will take you to page settings where individual behavior/design for each page can be set.

1) Page name (The name which is shown in the site navigation structure)

2) Hide page/don´t publish (Page is not shown in navigation structure or not published at all)

3) Hide navigation on page (The main navigation is hidden on a specific page - very useful for pages used as landing pages)

4) Domain - This setting allows you to attach another domain than the primary one to the specific page. This feature is very helpful if you use the page as a landing page and want this specific page to answer to another domain than the rest of your website. You may choose which of the attached domains you want to set on the page level in the drop down menu. Please note that you first have to have more than one domain attached in your account center or settings to be able to toggle between the domains on page level.

5) Password protection: Apply this to control who may access the particular page on your site

6) Menu jump: Link this page to another page in your page structure or to an external URL.