04.08 Ad campaign & keyword statistics

To track how many visitors an ad-campaign generates to a landing page in Piwik, the ad campaign should parse information in the URL (parameters should be added to the link that the ad-user clicks on).

Make sure that your ad word campaign adds the following parameters:

Call URL with campaign id: add ‘pk_campaign=xyz’  (xyz being the name of the name of the campaign)
Call URL with keyword: add ‘pk_kwd=xyz’ (XYZ being the specific keyword that the user searched for)


If parameters are added correctly, the number of visits and search keywords coming from an ad campaign will be tracked and reported in the campaigns-box under the 'overview'-tab.

If parameters are not added correctly, the built-in mono statistics system (PIWIK) will not be able to track visits coming from a specific campaign. Note that Google Ad Words-encrypted links will not be tracked without the parameters.