Use of images, videos & Javascript

As smart as search engines are today they still have one big short coming. They are not able to understand or index visual material like videos, images or flash unless these are attached with textual descriptions. Search engines are also not capable of reading / indexing javascript or similar code.

Describing your images with an alt tag (Low SEO value)

A website with no images is boring and dry. You need images to boost user expereince and catch the readers attention.

When using images of any kind, always remember to fill out the alt-tag in the image module in the mono editor. What you write in the alt-tag is not shown to the naked eye, but it helps the search engine to understand what the picture is showing. It's a good idea to find the keywords that describe the picture as precisely as possible - and remember to credit the photographer as well.

Don't do's

There are certain things that you should avoid at all cost if you want a high search engine rankings. One example would be iFrames which are bad for SEO. Search engines have absolutely no way of scanning nor indexing this content. You should avoid using iFrames on your site unless it is absolutely necessary.

Another bad thing is javascript or PHP code. These things are great to enhance the user experience on the site but it is not scannable by a search engine spider. Avoid wrapping your content in javascript because the content will be un-readable for Google or Bing.

Note that the mono tool creates websites in HTML5 - the most friendly form for content when it comes to search engines ability to scan and rank a site. So it's only using special additional code you need to avoid when making sites in mono.