The visual style of a website is comprised by the choice of graphic elements to a large extent. Graphic elements include font type and font size, patterns, colors and the images on the site. By applying a few of these graphic touches you can quickly change the look and feel of the site within the editor.

On the following pages are some examples on how to tweak the design using these small effects in a time efficient manner in order to change a standard template into a unique design and expression.


See examples of how to use different font types and font sizes. An altered font size in the main menu and in the headlines can complete change the entire expression of a site.

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It is evident that colors matter a lot in the site design. All design skins come in both dark and light color versions. By adding a few spot colors to a neutral background color palette, the whole nature and expression of the site can quickly be re-shaped in order to match the desired identity.

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Graphic elements

Graphic elements like patterns and boarders can be found for free all over the Internet. In this chapter you can learn how to apply graphic elements to a template in a quick and effecient manner.

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Images are an important part of any modern web design. Especially if the images are included in the basic design of a site (e.g when using a top image above the navigation bar). Learn how to use images as identity-carrying elements in your web design.

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