Using images on your website

The visual part of your site content is very important. With photos and illustrations you can create an atmosphere that can give a clear message to users in just seconds. You should therefore be conscious of the type of visual material you use. You should make clear what you want to signal with your visuals and what values they represent. Just like the words on your website, you also need to make sure the images you choose also sell your business best.

Portraits and people

In small businesses, it is often the owners that are perceived as the business. It's a good idea to have a picture of yourself on your website. It creates a sense of confidence and it shows you are proud of your business, what it offers and how it performs. It provides integrity. Not to mention, people love to see the human element of a business.

Below we have compiled a series of pictures of some of our fantastic mono users. Note the differences in the pictures. All portraits have different expressions to support their businesses and values ​​in meaningful way.

Decide if you think it works best with a normal portrait photo or if it would work better with a photo of yourself and your employees in a work atmosphere. Remember that the most important part is that the image seems real and not posed. It's about creating trust.


It's important that your products are presented well and professional in images. So if you don't have a good camera yourself, then get a photographer to take the photos for you. You should also think about how you want the products to be shown. For example, should they be alone on a plain background or should they be shown in relation to other products?

It's always a good idea to show your products or services in use. Show them in situations with people (if it makes sense, of course).


Another visual communication form is illustrations or drawingings. Illustrations, just like photos, are a way to give your website (and your business) a unique visual identiy. Illustrations can be made in many different ways and the style can be very different. Find a style that works for your business and one that you'd like to use to express yourself. Below you can see different examples of illustrations from several mono websites.