Tips & Tricks

How to apply transparency to your elements

You can easily add a opacity level to your elements by using RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) instead of your regular HEX or RGB color scheme.

The alpha channel is the amount of opacity.

If you would like a font in complete black and then use 75% opacity the code would be:

color: rgba(0,0,0,0.75)

This will let your color appear black, but with the opacity set to 75%.


R: 0-255
G: 0-255
B: 0-255
A: 0.00 - 1.00 (0.00 is 0% and 1.00 is 100% - 25% would be 0.25)


You can use the RGBA value on all the elements where you would usually use the HEX value.


You can use an online colorpicker if you don't already know the RGB value of your hex, such as When using and you already know the HEX value, you can easily find the RGB value by entering the hex value after the link.
Such as:

Style specific elements on the page of your choice!

You can easily specify what pages should be affected of your CSS styling. All you have to do is use: .page_pageURI where pageurl is the URI you've set for your page via the settings icon for your specific page,  under the 'Advanced settings' section.

Example the frontpage:

Adobe Kuler - Color schemes

Having a hard time finding a awesome color scheme for your website? Try out Adobe Kuler. You can even intergrate it into your Photoshop!

Select one of the most popular color schemes or create your very own. Visit their website for more information: