Base Layout E

Base Layout E is very similar to D. In this layout you also use a background image that is repeated vertically down the page in order to frame the site's content. The difference here is that both the header and footer are also included in the frame. There is no top or bottom in this design and therefore skins 1, 2 and 3 work best in this layout. The footer must be transparent which can be applied via CSS. Learn how here.

Just as in Base Layout D, you should be aware that you can't see the edges of your content frame in tablets if the frame exeeds 1020px. In mobile view, we recommend you disable the background image as it's not able to be seen anyway.


Se her nogle forskellige eksempler på Base Layout E. Bemærk hvor forskellige udtryk man kan give siderne ved at gøre side-boarderne markante eller holde dem helt simple og elegante.