To effectively use mono templates, you need an understanding of the overall concept. The overall concept and its building blocks are explained below.

The 3 Basic Design Elements

When constructing your own templates you have to understand the three basic design elements of a template. These are explained below:


Base layout

The base layout refers to the ‘outer framework' of the page. The base layout defines the basic design / layout of the site. The base layout could be compared to the canvas of a painting upon which shapes and colors are applied later. The base layout is an essential determinator of the look & feel of the different templates.

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Visual style

The visual style of a homepage consists of several factors such as colors, fonts etc. Put together, these small factors add up to the total visual ‘expression’ of the site. Different graphical elements and images play into the visual equation.  Learn how to apply visual styling efficiently.
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Content modules

The content modules in the system can be placed in countless ways on the base layout, just like bricks on LEGO plate. Modules can be combined in infinite ways within the page frame to differentiate each template and page from each other. How you combine the modules will depend on the purpose of the page – e.g. whether it is a homepage, contact page etc.
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The 3 Template groups

What type of website are you building and is the customer buying a discount or a premium product? These questions are essential influencers on which category of templates you should use. Each template category has been designed to match different needs and each category has different complexity levels.

SIMPLE templates

SIMPLE templates is a template system designed for production of a website product where you only have a short amount of time to produce the final result for the end customer. This category of templates are made to be simple in the construction, fast to work with and customizable with a few standard tweaks.
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ADVANCED templates

The ADVANCED template system is developed especially for website products where the design team has more time to customize the final site according to the customers requirements and special needs (bespoke websites).  With a well-defined set of adjustment tips and design guidelines you can easily customize these templates into a final site with a unique look and feel.
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DIY templates

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) template system addresses a complete different target group than the simple and advanced template systems. DIY templates are designed to make it easy for uninitiated, unskilled do-it-yourself users to build their own websites. The templates in this category are simplistic in their design and very easy to work with.
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