The complexity of a template should match the product (website package) you're selling in relation to how many hours are alloted to producing the end result. Therefore we've designed a system of five different template types, or groups as we call them. Each group is as optimized for a specific purpose. 

LIGHT templates are optimized to websites that require a short production time. PREMIUM templates work best when there is time dedicated in the production process for customization for the cusotmer's unique design needs. LANDING PAGE templates, as the name suggests, purely for the sale of landing pages. SHOP templates are then, again as the name suggested, made for e-commerce sites. DIY (Do It Yourself) templates are meant to be very simple so that anyone could use them, that business owners themselves. They likely are not familiar with the mono tool in advance so these templates are meant to make it as self explanatory as possible. 

Each template group consists of two concepts. MASTER templates and STYLE templates. MASTER templates are the starting point or the parent template of STYLE templates which are then able to be differencitated in style and content. Read more on MASTER templates and STYLE templates here

MASTER and STYLE templates

MASTER templates are the starting point, or the parent templates for STYLE templates. Read more about these concepts here.  

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The Template Groups

We have five different template groups, designed to provide templates to the different types of websites that are made/sold. Choose the group that works best for your website product(s). 

SIMPLE templates

SIMPLE templates are optmized for quick production times with a few chosen variation options. 

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PREMIUM templates

PREMIUM templates are great for sites or packages where there time allocated for customizing design for the individual customer.

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DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) templates

These tempates are otpimized for self service, that is users who do have not previously worked with the mono tool.

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