Social platforms

While there are likely hundreds of different social platforms you can choose from, it doesn't mean you need to be on all platforms or even several to be successful. You should choose the platform that works best for you and start one step at a time. 


The biggest social network with more than one billion users and fifty million fan pages. Facebook has become a must for local businesses. 


Five-hundred million users tweet daily about personal updates, general life observations, news and more. Twitter is great if you want to be very close to your individual customers. More Twitter statistics.


Has 130 million active monthly users and is all about sharing pictures of experiences. Instagram is well integrated with Twitter and Facebook and is a great supplement to those channels.


Pinterest is all about visual inspiration and building identity. People use it to find items they want to buy and it is the fastest growing social network. 80% of users are women. More Pinterest statistics.


With more than 225 million users, LinkedIn is the biggest social network for professionals globally. You can either create a LinkedIn group or a company page to reach and engage your customers.