Choose the right skin design

A “skin” design is what defines the basic design of your site, giving your site a certain common style. A skin is defined by CSS. CSS is a set of rules for defining how elements display on your website, including fonts, colors, menu bars, line dividers, etc. Changing your skin doesn’t effect how your site is built up so you can change it as often as you like. You can choose to use the same skin across all your mono channels (website, mobile site & Facebook) or use a different skin for each.

There is an advanced option in mono to change a skin design CSS. It requires that you know your way around CSS, of course! Read more about mono's CSS options.

D4 Skin designs

Our new D4 skin designs differ from D2 and D3 in several ways. They have a more modern design and are developed with 100% CSS. This means that there are no graphics included in the design like the old skins. Everything is CSS - even arrows and icons are made from fonts. Therefore you can re-design a D4 skin 100% with CSS if you wanted.

D3 skins

D3 skins are distinguished by the fact that all the different modules and content elements are transparent. It gives you the option to use whole page background pictures and patterns in a very integrated way. Using background images or patterns is a great way to make a site unique. Meaning that with the 150+ D3 skins available you can create very distinctive pages throughout your site(s).

NB: We recommend that you use the D4 skins. You can use more modules with D4 and they have a much more modern look.

Picture #1 shows a skin example with two different background images. The top example shows an image of a car and the bottom includes a background image pattern that goes from purple to black. Picture #2 shows three different background colors using the same skin.