How to create a responsive website

Before you begin to make a website, there are many things you should consider. Who is your target audience? What will they use the site for? Etc. It’s much easier to build your site once you’ve answered these vital questions. It will help you decide what navigation, page structure and content you should feature on your site. Here you can find help in making these important decisions. Remember, you should always have your customer as front of mind when you build and design your website.

Site structure and content

Before you start building your website you should think about your audience and the structure that would work best for your visitors. Get inspiration here.

Structure and Content

Create a responsive website

Find templates that are specially designed for responsive sites here.

Responsive templates

Image sizes

There are some things you need to be aware of concerning image sizes - get the information you need here.

Great responsive feature tips

Switching to responsive

Learn how to convert you existing site to a responsive site and what to watch out for in the process.

Switching to repsonsive