The layout of the invidual content elements on each page also plays a part in the overall design expression of a site.

The general rule-of-thumb should be that 'form should follow function'. The design must always support he necessary features and should never be allowed to overshadow the functionalty of the page. The main thing in focus of any page should always be its conversion goals - which the design should support in all ways possible.

The responsive reality of the web today is another thing to factor into the page compositions. The page needs to function well no matter which terminal the visitor uses (whether from a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer).

Different page compositions has been defined for each standard page type (home page, product page, about page etc.). These composition has been optimized so that they work perfectly on all types of devices.

See the templates here.

Below is some examples of page compositions.

Page templates

See examples of templates that are optimized for responsive design - which means that they work equally well on both desktop computers and mobile and tablet screens.

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