Microdata is code that helps search engines to understand the website content easier. Microdata helps to rank and index your site better and also enables so-called 'rich snippets'. Read more about the use of microdata here:


Meta tags

Meta tags are tags that are used to describe the content of a page so that search engines can understand and categorize their content easily. Meta tags are included in the 'head' of a html document. Instead of being displayed on the page, the meta tags parses specific information about the page. In mono editor you can add individual meta tags to each page on your website.

The <title> tag - (high SEO value)

The title tag is THE most important tag because it tells search engines what your page is about. In reality the title tag is not categorized as a 'meta tag' because meta tags are only optional page descriptors. The title is a required page “element” according to the W3C.

Here's a quick checklist with some tips on how to write optimized title tags:

1) Title tags should not be too long - maximum 70 characters.
2) Your most important target keywords should be placed first in your title tag.
3) Separate important keywords with 'pipes' ( | ) instead of commas, underscores, dashes or other punctuation.
4) Write short and simple.
5) Put your company name in the beginning of title tag if it's important as a keyword - otherwise leave it out.
6) Vary your title tags for every page. Do not use duplicate title tags.
7) Write relevant title tags that describes the content on the page. well.

<Description> meta tag - (low SEO value)

Although meta tags are no longer super important for search engines they still add value. The description meta tag is where you describe what your site is all about. In mono you can insert a description for each page. Search engines like Bing and Yahoo! weighs the description much higher than Google does. The description meta tag also (usually) displays in on the search results pages, so write something nice and remember to vary the description for each individual page.

Meta tag keywords - (low SEO value)

Adding keywords as meta tags adds moderate SEO value to your site. In mono you add the keywords under advanced settings under each individual page. Add 10 to 20 keywords per page at most. Do not add keywords that are not replicated on the page - this will damage your rankings.