MASTER templates are the starting point for a given STYLE template. A MASTER template is based on one of the template base layout designs (A, B, C, etc).  There are also a number of guidelines defined by each template base layout, for example whether or not there is specific CSS in the template. Pre-defined page compositions can also be found in the LIGHT group of templates.

When you want to create or design a STYLE template, you start by choosing a MASTER template. You can then change the color theme, font (skins), add images (industry/segment specific) and edit any page compositions if needed. Any STYLE templates you create are added to your specific template library in RAI and can be used as a starting point for working with your customers. You simply choose one of the STYLE templates that works best for the customer. Using a lot of STYLE templates allows you to quickly and efficiently create very unique sites for customers. STYLE templates are also good to use as examples during the sales process to show customers design options and set expectations accordingly. In our experience it cuts down both production time and edits from the customer afterwards. 

Template Process

Based on a MASTER template, you can create a series of STYLE templates that work well for different segments or industries. Together with your customer, find a STYLE template that works best from a look and feel stand point. Copy this STYLE template and edit it for the individual customer for a CUSTOMIZED site. 


By using STYLE templates you can save a lot of extra edits or customizations in the design and production process as you can use any single STYLE template to create CUSTOMIZED sites over and over again. At the same time you can also use a few simple edits to make the site customized and unique for an individual customer. 

Naming Convention

You can name your templates so that they help you efficiently manage multiple templates and quickly find the right one for a customer site. We suggest the following naming convention:

Base Layout design (A) - Skin Number (4) - Style Description (classic) - Number in the Series (04):