Landing pages built for conversion

With a package of powerful features, mono makes it easy to create conversion-optimized, responsive and best practice landing pages. The landing page toolbox includes some great and convenient options.

Call-to-action modules

With our broad palette of full-width modules you can combine elegant and responsive design with compelling messaging that puts a ‘call to action’ in focus. For example, the Full Width Form Builder module enables designers to create best practice landing pages with a form that is simple, elegant and highly effective in converting visitors into sign ups or even paying customers.

The Download module with the option to ask visitors to input an email or phone number before the file becomes available, is another great landing page feature. This feature can help SMBs to convert website visitors into hot leads.

On top of some visible enhancements, we've also added powerful features 'under the hood' that support professional landing page production and management.

Call tracking and campaign keywords tracking

As the main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors, it is extremely important to be able to measure its performance and conversion rate.

With mono you now have the ability to dynamically replace phone numbers for a specific Ad campaign. This is done by adding a phone number paramater to the campaign URL which the mono site then reads and replaces across the telephone number elements in the page. Tracking phone calls in this manner helps the SMB to evaluate the effectiveness of individual campaigns and adjust marketing spend accordingly. 

Similarly, campaign keywords added as parameters in the URL from an Adwords campaign will be tracked and reported in the built-in analytics tool in the editor. This allows SMBs to track where visitors came from and which search keywords on the search engine lead them to the landing page.

mono also has integrations to leading Call Tracking Number providers. We have ensured automatic insertion of the Call Tracking Number (CTN) and an effective statistics overview (read more)


Adding landing pages to existing websites

It´s possible to add new landing pages to your existing website on the same multipage subscription. We've added functionality to separate the landing page from the regular website pages by enabling options to hide main navigation on individual pages, set a no-index tag on the page level and the ability to attach additional domains on a page level.