One of the newest and most exciting modules in mono is the Jumbotron module. It easily brings a very visual focus to your site with large beautiful images that stretches across the entire page.

There are many different ways in which you can use the Jumbotron module. Find a few examples below.

Using full width top images

The Jumbotron module is different from other mono modules because it stretches over the entire content area of your mono site. The module is responsive which means that it scales the entire width of a browser no matter the size. Jumbotron works as a gallery module, which means that you can upload a whole range of images that will run like a slide show across the page. And one of the best parts - you can write texts and link from each image!


Above you'll find examples of different uses of the Jumbotron module. If your products are very visual or if you have some beautiful brand images you want to show off, a slideshow would definately be a great way to do it. You can also use one of these images as a fixed top bar image in e.g. the front page of a section on your site such as "Products" or "Shop". Consider reducing the image a little in the hight to make sure it won't dominate the site if it's very large. Press the arrows above to see the other examples.