The biggest challenge for creating strong, visual sites for an SMB is that these businesses don't very often have good quality images to work with. Therefore it can be a good idea to find stock photos, though it takes time to find good stock photos. So we suggest you find one great image that can be used conceptually in the design, perhaps as a consistent top image across the site. 

In mono we also have a a library of images that can be used freely (see the mono image library). You can use these to supplement any stock photos used. In some segments, for example hair salons, SMBs often get permission to use images from their product suppliers. 


Below are some examples of sites using images in different ways. The first sight uses some concept photos that were taken by the same photographer and these carry the entire visual look and feel of the site. The next row shows different product photos taken by different photographers which makes the expression quite different. What ties these images together is the composition of the images all being squared. The bottom row of examples shows a range of works that give the pages an abstract but aesthetic and beautiful look.

Learn more about using images on your site here.