Graphic elements

The use of graphical elements on a website can be the perfect finishing touch that gives a website a dinguished identity. Together with the choice of colors and fonts, the graphical elements of a site are a strong part of the website's overall visual look. That said, use graphical elements wisely. For example, use a single element such as a border or a divider on a page. It could also be a background pattern. These small yet big elements often give the page a completely unique appeal. That said, the keep it simple rule also applies here. Try and use graphical elements organically in the site so that it doesn't quickly become too much of a good thing. 


In the top example to the left, you can see a graphical element that is used as a background image at the top of the page. On the topr ight you see some illustrations or infographics that help show facts quite visually. On the bottom left you see two graphical elements, one is the background image that gives the wine website a rustic look and the other is the teaser illustrations that link to the different pages within the site. And lastly the image on the bottom right also shows a wonderful use of background image and transparent modules overtop.