Webmaster tools

The Internet is booming with resources and tips for webmasters on how to improve SEO and get it right. Just do a search for 'SEO tips or guide' in - say, Google.

In general the Google webmaster tool is a good place to start educating yourself in the art of webmastery. We would recommend the 'Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide', which can be downloaded as PDF (click below):

Keyword rich domain name - (High SEO value)

Your domain name playsan important role in Search Engine Optimization. If you have domain name that contains keywords (e.g. <smartwebsites.com> ) it can help to boost your search engine rankings. Choose your domain name carefully.

Avoid broken links & remember 301 redirects - (High SEO value)

Avoid broken links or password protection as much as possible because these things prohibit a search engine to index your site. Furtermore - if a user clicks a link that doesn't lead to an existing page the server will show a 404 error. If you move a page permantly from one URL to another you should remember to set in a 301 redirect code on the page. In mono this is done in the individual page settings. Simply insert the URL that the page had before in the 301-field. This will tell the search engine that the page has moved permantly from the old URL to the new one.

XML sitemaps - (Medium SEO value)

A sitemap is to a search engine what a city map is to a tourist. The sitemap helps the search engine to find its way through the site and overview the pages and building blocks of the site. The mono editor automatically generates XML sitemaps based on the navigation structure of the site. This greatly helps to improve the search engine ranking.

Domain versus subdomain - (Low to medium SEO value)

You don't have to register a domain to have a site on mono - the editor will always give you a subdomain (e.g. yoursite.mono.net) if you don't have your own domain. From a SEO perspective if pays off to have a separate domain, though. With a separate domain like <yourdomain.com> you get a slightly higher ranking than with a subdomain.