The design of your website, mobile site and Facebook site is the first thing a user sees and absorbs when they enter your site. Therefore it’s important that the design supports and communicates who you are and what your business stands for. In mono you can choose from several different designs (skins) to get started. This skin will be the cornerstone of your site design. In addition, you have the option to adjust the design (e.g. with background images) so it works for you, making your site unique. This section covers everything you need for designing stunning mono sites.


Skin designs

In mono you there are hundreds of design skins that you can choose from to design your site. Get an overview of the available designs here.

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Customizing your site

Design your site so it is unique and works for your business. There are many special design elements you can use without custom code.

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Get an overview of all image sizes in mono’s many modules as well as the different column widths for websites, mobile sites & FB sites.

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