Customizing your site

There are many options in mono for designing your website, mobile site and Facebook pages so that you have a completely unique look that suits your business. For example, you use the option to upload background images or patterns that give your site a totally distinct look. You have the ability to use this feature on every page, making your site even more unique. Add original images and content to make your site even more exceptional. Do all of this without using code of any sort.

If this isn’t enough, you can make changes in the CSS. Here you can change ALL design elements if you want. This requires you know your way around CSS or know someone else that does. Note that mono does not offer direct support for any custom CSS questions or problems.

Full width

Read about the newest and most revolutionizing modules in mono. Adapt your website design and content to all screen sizes.

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The Jumbotron is an exceptional module allowing you to create a distinct visual look on your pages. 

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Remove space in modules

It is now possible to remove spacing between modules to create special design and visual effects on your pages.

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Background design

Learn more specifically how using background images and patterns can give your site a completely unique look, with no need for code.

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Content design

Images, graphics and photos heavily influence the overall look of your site. Make the right choices when it comes to style and form.

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With mono you have the ability to edit the CSS of your website - essentially allowing you to create a completely unique look and feel. 

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