Once you have structured your website and decided what you want to say on each page, you are ready to produce the content. Again, you should try to think like your customers; what is it they need to know and how can you best deliver that information? Always remember that people are busy, so keep it short and precise!

Content can consist of any combination of text, photos, illustrations, animated pictures/illustrations, and video. While text and images are the most traditional form of content, the use of video online has exploded and it is an amazing way to tell the world about yourself and your business.

Using Images on website

Find inspiration for the use of pictures and illustrations on your website.

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Using video

Videos are an increasingly important form for content. See great examples here.

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Creating text

It is important to write short and precisely when writing online. Get tips on how it's done here.

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Create a buzz on your website by allowing others to comment or write posts. See how it's done here.

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