Content design

There are three elements that define the visual part of a mono site. The first is the skin design including fonts, buttons and colors. The second are the background images which are large and thus significant. Third we have all the content images. These can both be beautiful photographs or illustrations that carry the whole visual expression of your website alone in a simple skin. But they can also be graphics supporting a skin design or the visual expression of the company's identity. Below you will find examples on the use of different visual elements.

Photos and illustrations

There are many ways in which you can use images and illustrations. If we are talking about pictures of products (e.g. fashion images, jewelry, furniture or other design products) it is a good idea to use a simple or plain skin in order to draw focus to the product images. The same goes for illustrations. You often spend a lot of time and money getting these images just right so they need some space to shine. Below you will find examples of websites with a simple design, emphasizing the products.