Base layout A

Base Layout A is a 'full-width' design. It is easy to quickly adjust because it is based purely on pre-defined header-designs. Base Layout A is particularly well suited for websites with lots of content on each page. Background colors can be varied from module to module to divide the page visually.

Header / menu designs

Base Layout A is optimized for the header designs found in skins 4, 5 and 6. Choosing one of these skin designs to go with the layout works best. The full-width design (where modules are stacked on top of each other) makes it possible to use both 1st level and 2nd level horizontal menus. You can also use the 'dropdown' menus with this layout if you have multiple levels in your site architecture.

Full-width modules

Use the visual settings of the full-width modules to group content areas on the page. This makes it easier for the user to overview the structure of the page. If you are using a background pattern in the design you may apply a transparent background color in each of the modules. By applying a background color with 10% opacity, the pattern will be visible through the color and create a stunning visual effect.


In base layout A the footer uses a background color to differenctiate itself from the rest of the site. The color is defined in the skin design.

Mobile view

Base layout A is designed 1:1 between desktop and mobile views. The only addition might be a tap-to-call module placed strategically on pages in mobile view.