Product and service pages

It should be made very clear on your website what services and products you provide. It is also important to make sure your visitors get a good overview of your product range. If you have many different services or products, categorize them in a reasonable way and consider using overview pages that link to your products. This way visitors can quickly can find what they are looking for.


This page communicates in a simple and clear way what services Manoj Ramdas can offer. Note the short introduction placed on the top background image and the three areas of service described with texts and images below.

This page describes the areas of service and products for Bering Flowers. The page features a short introduction and a gallery showing some of their products. To the left you'll find a menu of seven different service areas. Each page contains descriptions and pictures.

Goodpeople have chosen to tell about their products, which are mainly video productions, in a graphical way - very similar to the popular infographics you see shared across the internet. The various facts explains why it would be an advantage to you to use videos in your marketing and branding. Note how the illustrations match the top image and the buttons.

The above example shows what a service page for a plumbing company could look like. In the very top you'll find an image and a text communicating the purpose of the website. Below, three links are placed, each referring in detail to descriptions of the three services. At the bottom of the page there is a short description of the company's services along with two testimonials where customers talk about their experiences with the company.

This page shows one of the detailed service descriptions, which the above page example links to. The page is structured in two columns where the left side describes each service. To the right you can see a gallery of pictures showing jobs well done and a short text describing the whole gallery.