Product and service pages

On your website you should tell users what you offer in terms of services or products. It is also important that you ensure that the user can quickly get an overview of your various services/products. If you have a lot of products or services, categorize them in a way that makes sense and use summary pages with links so a visitor can quickly click through to find what they are looking for.


This product page shows a number of product images in the gallery module which users can click through. Under the image module is a description of the product. On the right is two paragraphs with facts about the product and underneath is a download module giving the option to download a fact sheet PDF.

Above is an example of a product/ service main page template. At the top is a short introduction and underneath a number of image and text modules each describing and linking to a particular product/service.

If you click on a product link it takes you to a single page where the product/service is further described. The page starts with a gallery module, making it visually appealing. Below the gallery is a descriptive text. On the right there is the link module and underneath these, a download module (can be used for PDFs about the particular product).

Here is another example of a product main page. In this example there is a background image with a display text on top. Below that there is an introductory text to the section. Underneath are two teasers for products / services.

The example product page underneath features an a large image taking the main real estate of the page with a small description below, followed by an image gallery. To the right is a small image as well as a few paragraphs of text.

In this final example, the products/services main page starts with background image with a simple display text placed on top of the image. Below this are image and text modules providing a very visual way to navigate to product/service pages.

Underneath this is an example of a product page using a simple image module followed by descriptive text underneath. Below this are three images and finally a download module for fact sheets or other relevant documents.