05.01 Enabling Responsive

How to get  Responsive Design

Most sites are born responsive, but if you already have a site which is non-responsive you can activate the responsive feature on your existing site.

Note, you can only enable responsive design on your site if you're using a D4 design skin. If your site is designed in an older skin, you'll need to switch to a D4 skin in order to be able to enable responsive design.



1. In the editor click on MY ACCOUNT 

2. In the menu on the left-hand side select 'Responsive'. 

3. Check 'Enable Responsive' and click save.

Once you've enabled responsive design you'll see that your MOBILE tab at the top of the editor has been removed. Now you can see both desktop and mobile versions in your WEBSITE tab.

To see how your site looks for mobile devices you can click the mobile phone icon in the Page Structure area on the left side of the editor under WEBSITE. 

If you had an existing, separate mobile site in the mono tool, that site will no longer be visible for your visitors. Instead they will see the responsive version of your site. You can switch back to displaying your old mobile site by de-activating the responsive feature (same place as where you activated it) at any time.