The homepage is the most important page of your site. Visitors to your homepage should be able to quickly find the information they're looking for either on the homepage itself or via links to inner-pages.  At the same time, your homepage must give a good first impression to visitors. Therefore it must be clear to understand but also have a nice design. Keep in mind that most who visit a website only ever reach the homepage and do not click further. It is important to keep a balance of information, calls to action and simple design.


The example above shows a homepage with a top image with a catchy display text and a special offer. Further down the page, there is an introductory text and then four teasers to key areas of the website. This homepage is sales oriented but it also gives a quick introduction with obvious links to the most important pages.

If you want visitors to give you their contact information (lead generation), you can build your hompage to include a contact form like the example above. To do so, upload a background image and place a large display text and introduction on top of it. To the right, place the form builder module and build up the form as you like. Underneath you can place teasers to other important pages on the site. 

In the above example you see a different composition for a homepage in which the main message is placed at the top with a clear link to the page on which further information is available. Under the main teaser there are two secondary teasers with image, text and links. On the right is an easy-to link list.

This example shows a large headline on a background image. Note that the images of the three teasers half-way sit on the background image as well. At the bottom of the page is clear contact information and a map. This module can be an advantage on the homepage if foot-traffic is important to your business, for example a boutique.