The visual part of a website is always important and if you have pictures, illustrations or videos of your services and products it could be wise to gather them all in so called "galleries". In mono you will find many gallery modules that enable you to create series of images on the product pages or service pages where they belong. Another way to do it is to build up a whole section of your website where you can categorize your galleries in a structured way.

Below you will find examples showing how mono's gallery modules can be used in different ways.


mono has a range of different gallery modules you can choose between. On this particular page Zenzez have used a gallery module with many small images that enlarge when you click on them. This gives a simple and quick overview of all the products and looks great. You can choose how many images you want to be shown for each page in the gallery module. For example you can choose to show eight images for one page and then use the arrows to click on to the next ones.

If you want large images in your gallery - try our Jumbotron module! This allows you to add a range of images that change positions in a slideshow. The images will fill up the whole browser window and you can choose to add texts and links to each image. 

These two examples have often been used on mono sites. The gallery has been categorized in the menu structure so that each topic has its own page. On each page there is a description of the topic along with the large gallery module, which can contain a whole range of images. You change the images by clicking the arrows. All images can be enlarged to fit a full screen when clicked.

This is an example of the image-changing module in full column width. This gallery module gives a little teaser of the main images before and after the one in center in order to incentive the user to click further.

Here you can see a gallery module showing square thumbnails (small images of the original image). When you click on one of the thumbs it is enlarged to fit full screen size. Note that the the shown module only contains two rows. You can specify how many rows you wish to show within mono - and all gallery modules can be used in all column widths. The depicted module is shown in full column width.