It goes without saying that it is important that both existing and potential customers can get in contact with you. And preferably fast. Therefore it's a good idea to gather all your contact information on one page so that your website visitors can get a quick overview of who they should contact and how. The contact page must contain phone numbers, emails and the name and address of the company as a minimum. If you have a physical store it is also important to show the location on a map (Google map).

You can also choose to have a form on the contact page because it allows you to define what information the visitors should provide when they contact you. For example what products their question is regarding or when they wish to be contacted by a seller. In that way you can get off to a great start with your customers and give them a better service experience.



The key message is hard to miss on this contact page, that is getting people to call for appointments. Furthest down on the page the address, contact information and a Google map showing visitors where the salon can be found. To the right there is a contact form that allows visitors to write directly to the salon.

Benconi's contact page is very simple and straight forward with contact information, a contact form and a Google map. Remember, that when visitors enter a contact page they expect to find what they are looking for quickly. So don't add too much unnecessary information or design on this page.

The contact page on Zenzes's website only contains phone number and an email address. In order to avoid having the page completely bare, they added a nice background image.