About pages

Your website should contain a page that describes your business. Visitors should be able to read about your company and its history such as when and why it was founded etc. It is especially important for small businesses to describe the people behind the company and preferably with portrait images. People love to see the faces of a business!


This about page is a combined about/contact page. At the top of the page you can see an image, in this case the same image Manoj has on his guitar. Here you could also choose to feature a portrait along with the contact information (addresses and phone numbers). In this particular example, because there are a lot of pictures of Manoj on other pages on the site, it is not necessary to include on of him here. On the bottom of the page there is a short description of the person along with contact information and links to the bands he plays with and has composed music for. Below to the left you can find his resume.

The about page for Bering Flowers is very simple. There is a short description of the company and its history along with a picture of the owner. All you need to know.

Goodpeople tells visitors about themselves by showing creative images of the employees at the top of the page. On the bottom of the page you can read about the history and philosophy of the company.