About pages

Your website should also contain an 'about' page that focuses on your overall business. Here users can read a little about your business and its history, for example about when started, why it started, etc. Especially if it's a small business, it is important to describe the people behind the company including portrait pictures. People love to see the people behind a business!


Above is an example of an about page that features a top picture in full width of text (could possibly be a photo of the founder and/or co-workers). Below is a short text about the history of the company, how it all started, etc. On the right could be a picture of the founder followed by a brief description and a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Above is a simple example of an about page using a background image, display text and a small descriptive text followed by a longer text that could describe the company's history.

This example features a background image with a short description of the company. Underneath is a paragraph about the leadership (name, title and contact information).

Another composition of a company description page including a description of a founder. People are always interested in the history and the people that stand behind the company.