Page layout

In mono you can choose between several page layouts. Page layout determines the way you build up a page. Start by choosing one of the 10 page layouts defined in mono system. Each layout is constructed with a different numbers of columns of different widths (see below). Choose the layout with the combination of columns you want, and then drag the content modules onto the page areas as you like. 

Page layouts

There are 10 different page layout types in the mono tool. Choose the page layout that works best for the content you'd like to display on the particular page.

Create pages

Once you have chosen your page layout, simply drag content modules onto the page and place them where you like. If you've built up one page in a way you would like to use for multiple pages you can easily copy the page and drag it where you'd like it to sit within the navigation of your site. You can always change the layout of a page. You do this in the page settings (click the little wheel icon next to the page). If you change a layout to fewer columns, you'll likely have to reposition some of the modules.

Get inspiration on how to design pages on your website by clicking through a few images below.


Product and service pages

About / company pages


Contact pages