Product and service pages

Product and services pages will look different depending on the product or service you have to offer. Common on all mobile pages, however, is that they must be easy to grasp and  access. Below are a few examples of templates for product/services category pages as well as an individual product/serivce page.


This example shows a product or service category-level page. The page is built up with a brief introduction follwed by product teasers listed with image descriptive text and links. This page gives a good idea of ​​the products before you click through to the individual product page.

Above is an example of a very simple product category page. It contains an introduction and a list of links to product subpages. This page does not provide an insight into the individual product as the first example, but it provides a quick overview of the products. At the bottom is a tap-to-call button.

Above is an example of a simple structured product/service page. The top of the page features a full-width image followed by product title and product description. At the bottom is a product gallery.

This product page is an example of a more comprehensive product page. At the top there i a short introduction to the product and then examples of features (two are shown but there could be more). At the bottom is a picture of the product or service.