How to create and build amazing sites

Where should you begin when making a website for your business? What about a mobile site? Facebook? The questions can seem overwhelming. In this section we’ll go through everything, step by step. Learn about page template options for homepages, product pages, galleries, etc. We’ll also give you a few examples of how other mono users have solved their challenges when buildinga website,
mobile site, online shop and even Facebook pages.


The concept

We would like to give you a short introduction to mono - if you aren’t already familiar:

mono can be compared to a set of building blocks that can be combined in thousands of ways. This gives the utmost flexibility to include and combine various elements in different look and feels. The platform consists of a number of different page types and a many different modules that can be dragged onto the page with using a drag ‘n drop technique. It’s almost like you’re playing with LEGO®s again!

The mono design system is very detailed and cohesive, ensuring that a site will always look good. It sets out a number of rules for the combination and variations but still gives the flexibility required to meet individual needs and make every site unique. It is possible to include limitations and lock page types to a desired module combination if a more template-based approach is desired.