Dialogue on the website

In today's hyper-social world, it's important to provide your customers an opportunity to engage with you in a dialouge on your website. This dialouge could be in the form of questions, reviews or just general comments. The mono tool gives you several options for hosting the dialogue on your site using the comment or social platform-specific modules.

Comment module

With the mono comment module you can let your users comment on your content. Add it to the bottom of an article you have written, under the products, image series, etc. You can always edit the module and the comments that people have writen on your website.

Facebook comment module

If you'd like to add a comment module with a viral effect, use the mono Facebook comment module. When you use this module the comment is not only visible on your mono page and but it is also automatically posted on the user's Facebook page. That way, everyone who visits their Facebook page can see the comment and a link to your mono site.